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Friday, 23 November 2012

Prodigal Blogger Returns!

 Hello World!

In the world of computer programming , "Hello World" is the first program you would do when u learn anything new! It's a very basic program where you just display "Hello World".

In the same manner, here is my first blog post after ages....nearly 3 months! Now you know how amazing I am at keeping the solemn promises I had once made about writing regularly! :D

Well, I've been very busy at my job that started, well, 3 months back! Nd yes, it's my first job ever! Yours truly has finally joined the rat race. :O

 I've been splurging each month's salary on stuff that I have always wanted to own but never could before, or on absolutely silly items that I don't really need! I've been convincing myself that it's alright as it's my first paycheck and it deserves to be spent extravagantly! I'm never going to get my first salary twice, right??

But I love my office as of now. A huge batch of 43 joined together on the same date , all of us freshly out of our respective colleges into our new jobs. 
Luckily, I found many kindred souls with the same dreams, hopes, fears... and with absolutely no idea of how corporate life was going to be. 

Initially, all of us started out with being super polite to each other. Cracking polite jokes; smiling polite smiles while continuously wondering if you would ever meet a person who would be anything like the fun-filled people you had known back in college and if you were going to be stuck in this world filled with politeness and fake smiles.

But then, 'Mafia' happened. 
 I have no idea if you know what it is but let me assure you it is one of the most fun games you could ever play! The game does not allow for politeness or silence but demands for all inhibitions to be thrown away. Luckily, our batch found a mutual love for this game. And, thus, we changed from work colleagues to friends.

During our month of training, we had absolute fun! We just had classroom sessions all day.....boring as they were, they helped in bringing all of us closer together as we would have group chats on the office communicator; chattering away about silly matters but, nevertheless, infinitely amusing to us! We found it far more interesting than anything the trainer had to tell us.

We started having breakfasts and lunches together, going on trips around town ( the 4 a.m trip to the top of a mountain to see the sunrise, the adventurous trekking to see some waterfalls, fighting each other to virtual death in laser tag, dancing the night away in a disco) , staying on after office hours to play more games of Mafia, teasing each other relentlessly with imaginary crushes, night outs in someone's flat, endless movie watching.

You have no idea how happy I am to have found this bunch of people who are so adorable and fun and just very nice :)

So now you have a vague idea what I was so busy and caught up with , because on top of all the fun , I did have work as well (though i haven't really mentioned it here :P ). 

And now I have to get back to tackling the pile of work I have to do.
Till next time,

Take Care 

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