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Friday, 3 August 2012

Just Memories Remain…

I was walking back to my house from school. Sally was just running along a few paces in front of me. She ran out onto the road. Before I could react, a car flashed  by, hit her and sped on without stopping. I stood stunned. Some people started running towards her and formed a small crowd around her. I slowly walked towards the spot. I saw her surrounded by a pool of blood. I let out a shuddering sob and swept her up into my arms……….


The sky was black with grey clouds. It was drizzling slightly. The rain drops were softly touching my cheeks as though telling me it was all right. It seemed as though the whole world was mourning the loss of Sally.

They gently put her into the casket and slowly lowered her into the ground. I watched silently. I felt no grief; I was just enveloped by a feeling of numbness. I could not believe it was Sally who was lying in that casket. It just could not be. My only friend cannot just leave me here all alone.

 I still remember the first time when I had seen her. She had been sitting in a corner looking very forlorn. I had gone up to her and had spoken kindly and softly to her. She had looked up at me and I knew from that moment we were friends for life.

After that day we were inseparable. I would tell her every secret, every small thing that had happened in my life. I remember whenever I used to feel upset or sad, she would come up to me and just by being with me she would make me feel better. I don’t know how but she could sense how I was feeling

She was so charming and so full of life and…….so beautiful. Everyone fell under her spell. She made friends with everyone.
Whenever she wanted something and she knew I was about to refuse it to her, she would look up at me with her lovely deep brown eyes and I would not have the heart to refuse it to her.

I remember the time me, Sally, mama and papa went to the beach. I was so excited as I wanted to show off my swimming to my mama. I swam out into the sea considering myself to be an ace swimmer. Suddenly I found myself drifting out into the sea. I tried to swim back to the shore but I kept drifting away into the open sea. I screamed for help but my mama and papa didn’t hear me. I was slowly getting exhausted and was swallowing a lot of water. Suddenly Sally came out of nowhere and started pulling me to the shore. We reached the shore after what it seemed like ages to me and immediately on reaching Sally collapsed with fatigue. That day me and my mama and papa made endless fuss about her. She was the hero of our family. After all, she had saved my life.

She was the best friend I ever had, my confidante, and she meant everything to me. I will never ever get another friend like her.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks. I looked up and saw mama watching me. She opened her mouth to say something but papa spoke softly to her,” Don’t stop her. It will only make her bottle up her grief. Let her cry.”

And then tears fell down my cheeks uninhibited. After sometime I slowly turned towards our car and got into it. My parents followed and we started on our way back home.

I let the window down and stared out. The wind cooled my hot cheeks. Every place I saw outside reminded me of Sally. Memories…..that’s what they are now……just memories. Memories of how we played outside day and night with just each other for company. Memories of how she would never leave my side no matter what happened. Memories of her ever-smiling face. Just memories remain……….But memories are all that I have now and these memories will always remain in my heart. I will never be able to forget Sally, my dog.

(Well, hello readers. This is my 1st attempt at a blog. So leave your comments and let me know how i did for a 1st timer .

This is a short story I had written when I was 12 years old. I thought my blog couldn't be off to a better start than with a story that is close to my heart)

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